View Full Version : H3 Hummer - A dying bread?

4th of April 2010 (Sun), 19:34


4th of April 2010 (Sun), 19:48
I think the word you're looking for is Breed ;-)

4th of April 2010 (Sun), 21:37
Crop the last one down and I think you have a real winner.

4th of April 2010 (Sun), 21:39
More like a dead breed since they've stopped producing them.

I like the first and agree the second could use a little cropping.

5th of April 2010 (Mon), 00:10
rumor was they were firing back up for a run of h3t's i think. number was only in the 100's to be produced though.

5th of April 2010 (Mon), 18:20

6th of April 2010 (Tue), 18:49
I miss the tricked out H1's!!!

6th of April 2010 (Tue), 23:12
hUMMER HAS BEEN SOLD. OR WILL BE DEFUNK. Milltary Has Doomed Their Military Hummers Also... Orders Have Been Stoped On All Military Hummers. Which Mean thousands of people in Northren Ind. are or will be outta jobs....

6th of April 2010 (Tue), 23:16
The U.S. military announced it will no longer buy Humvees from Mishawaka based AM General for the Army once the current contract expires.

So far the Army is the only branch discontinuing its order. The Department of Defense released its budget Monday which did not call for the vehicle.

The Army is the largest branch of the armed services and AM General's largest customer.

In fact it's estimated that 80 to 85 percent of the Humvees made at the plant are for the Army.

The announcement on Monday to stop buying the military vehicles in 2011 could play a big factor in the company’s future.

Plans by company officials are already in the works to lobby Capitol Hill and work with members of Congress to continue future contracts. The Army plans to maintain its current fleet and continue to invest in research and development.

Meanwhile production will continue this year at AM General since the current contract remains valid until October of 2010.

Plus other work continues since the plant provides vehicles for all four service branches and 50 countries around the world.

AM General chose not to release an official statement or give an on-camera interview to Newscenter 16.

Congressman Joe Donnelly from Indiana’s 2nd district released a statement.

“I am very disappointed with the Army’s decision to not request additional new Humvees after this year. The president’s budget request is just the starting point in the budget process, serving only as a recommendation to Congress. Humvees have served the military well for 25 years and I will forcefully make the case that they have a role to play in the years to come. I will be working in the coming weeks with AM General, the Pentagon, and my colleagues in Congress to make sure that the Army, our National Guard, and all our men and women in uniform have the right balance of vehicles they need to carry out their missions at home and abroad.”

7th of April 2010 (Wed), 01:51
I think it was Jeremy Clarkson that said something along the lines of, "GM just announced they will be discontinuing the Hummer,,, I guess that means people will have to start going to door to door to tell them they are A**holes." :)

I like the first pic though....