View Full Version : Collaging photos together. How is it done?

5th of April 2010 (Mon), 03:52
Hi everyone!

I'm in the midst of trying to arrange my own website for my upcoming business. I've come across a lot of "collages" and want to know how it is done. I'm <this> close to hiring someone to do all the design legwork.

For example, Brisbane (Aust) photograher: http://jonaspeterson.com/ does what I want to do when you scroll down a few pages worth of photos.

How is it done? In particular, how to jigsaw puzzle portrait and landscape oriented photos together with that white divider in between to fit a certain column/page width?

Any help is welcome!


5th of April 2010 (Mon), 06:19
Just wondering if you could contact Jonas directly and ask how it was done...
not being sarcastic, but sometime getting it straight from the horse mouth is better than trying to deconstruct an item...

5th of April 2010 (Mon), 07:54
Good idea. I'll see how that pans out.