View Full Version : The New Drive-Thru at Taco Bell

9th of April 2010 (Fri), 17:36
Ooops... Apparently she was wearing a boot foot brace on her right leg and somehow hit the gas at the wrong time...



9th of April 2010 (Fri), 19:09
Look like minor damage.

Nice shot in #1. Maybe the local paper would want it.

9th of April 2010 (Fri), 20:27
Thankfully it's not a Toyota

9th of April 2010 (Fri), 22:39
Those purple pants have to gooooo!

9th of April 2010 (Fri), 22:47
Good find! Those purple pants... Looks like a good match for Plum Crazy! :D

10th of April 2010 (Sat), 00:08
Those purple pants have to gooooo!

haha, well, our local college colors are purple and white... sooo, maybe he was just showing his school spirit... ;)

She was definitely embarrassed. Even the cops were smiling a little. Just glad she didn't do too much damage. The cops came and left and the car was still where it was. Not sure why they didn't just back out. The door is all boarded up now.

10th of April 2010 (Sat), 00:22
Thats great!!! So hungry she couldnt wait to get in there!!

10th of April 2010 (Sat), 04:52
More of a Drive IN than a Drive Through...

See kids? This is why you don't Chalupa and drive at the same time! :lol:

10th of April 2010 (Sat), 05:32
she should get a ticket for the driving. he should get a ticket for the pants.