View Full Version : Remember Afga Portriga Rapid?

11th of April 2010 (Sun), 15:54
I want to reproduce the lovely warm tone that this film had. I have not been successful. If anyone has tried this and would care to share the settings, then I would be grateful.

(I do have Silver Efex Pro, if that matters.)

11th of April 2010 (Sun), 16:05
Might want to look into Alien Skin Exposure 2. Has tons of film filters, though it doesn't have Portriga it does have RSX II which does have a warm look and can be tweaked to a very similar look.

11th of April 2010 (Sun), 17:31
Well at this point, having just purchased Silver Efex, I am not in a position to purchase another. I was hoping for some color settings and to do it in CS2.

7th of July 2010 (Wed), 09:13
Mmmm Portriga Rapid....


7th of July 2010 (Wed), 10:17
Your reply triggered my ancient thought processes and I have requested NIK to add this to Silver Efex Pro.

I'll post their reply.