View Full Version : First attempt on taking photos for our cat

19th of April 2010 (Mon), 19:47
This is our cat, Ching Ching.

All the shots are taken in low light environment (in the house with energy saving light).

All the shots are taken with nitfy fifty with largest Av setting.

Wish I have a full frame camera :p The 1.6 crop factor makes it kind of difficult.

I have only taken up photography for about 4 months, these photos were done probably roughly 2 months ago .

What I really want is comments and information that will help me to improve my skill. I got pretty thick skin so please feel free to abuse me :p





19th of April 2010 (Mon), 20:01
Andy, a welcome to you and the esteemed Ching-Ching to the most important forum on POTN.
I like them all except the first, I understand only too well the constrictions you're working under, but that shot really needs her to be in full focus (IMO) and that needs a smaller aperture, but that means either more light or higher ISO.
I also can't help but feel that the white balance is off, I would have thought that Ching-Ching's white bits are .... erm... whiter?

Whatever..... Nice start :)

19th of April 2010 (Mon), 20:22
I only learnt about "WB" and custom WB after I took these shots :p So you are right, ChingChing does looks like he never had a bath for decade in those photos! HAHAHAHAA

I am also agree with you that the 1st pic need to be using much shallower DOF, higher ISO and Tv setting :)

I just have this obssession of using ISO 100 as much as possible.... I am in the middle of correcting this mind set at the moment :)

19th of April 2010 (Mon), 20:25
Good shots considering they are under low light at 3200 ISO. Try sharpening a little in Photoshop.

19th of April 2010 (Mon), 20:38
Are they ISO 3200?????!!! Geezzz I must put ISO setting to Auto without knowing it!

Thanks Alex :)

28th of May 2010 (Fri), 12:57
Getting what you want in focus is tough at wide apertures, so watch that. For cats if you shoot at f/1.8 or thereabouts you can get their eyes in focus but their nose will be blurry, depending on how far away you are. Just play around with it and see what you can come up with. It looks like you're off to a good start though!

24th of June 2010 (Thu), 08:35
I like the first. The focus is on the face, and the rest of the body is context for the face - making the whole image an action shot. In the close-ups, I'd focus on the eyes. Also ensure that I'm within the minimum focusing distance of the lens I'm using. Most of all, I'd turn some lights on. Any movement of the cat necessitates reasonably snappy shutter speed. Bulbs of different color cast are available. Experiment. Have fun.