View Full Version : Plastic Envelope For Print Sales?

20th of April 2010 (Tue), 13:13
At local farmers markets and such, I've seen photos for sale that are stored with a piece of cardboard in a resealable clear plastic envelope. Anyone know of a good source for those?

20th of April 2010 (Tue), 13:54
Here's a place in Canada that sells them. They are pretty easy to find at online framing places as well. If you're going to include a backing and a mat, order a bag large enough to accommodate.



21st of April 2010 (Wed), 13:23
I guess this is a different company....?

Karl Johnston
21st of April 2010 (Wed), 14:41
Why do american websites always look better?

21st of April 2010 (Wed), 17:24
Why do american websites always look better?

The dot com boom and Silicon Valley didn't start and isn't located in Canada. ;)

Joking of course. Come on, newegg.ca looks just as good as newegg.com :p

21st of April 2010 (Wed), 21:12
Why do american websites always look better?

Because too many Canadian website builders are so clueless. Canadian companies tend to be really backwards when it come to the web. They think it's an online brochure as opposed to a more capable tool. With a very few exceptions they can't even get online stores working nicely.

Photography stores in Canada that have tried to bring their products to the web have done an especially bad job. It is so frustrating!

Most google searches with "website in Canada" being the filter, still turn up the majority of sites in the US or some stupid price watch site.

In 1995 I started building websites, but got so thoroughly bored with dealing with Canadian business clients I just stopped doing it.

Canadian government web sites (at all levels) are scammed into spending millions for a web presence and are just crap in the main. It doesn't help when Canadian companies are so sold on Microsoft, that that they can't see using the most popular web server in the world - Apache.


22nd of April 2010 (Thu), 12:31

Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but they do have a lot of supplies, etc.

Karl Johnston
22nd of April 2010 (Thu), 12:48
Here's where I get mine