View Full Version : Cute Toddler with Bubbles

12th of May 2010 (Wed), 14:37
I got this photo a little while ago of a kid playing with a bubble machine. Let me know what you all think...


13th of May 2010 (Thu), 01:21
I think bubbles inside the house are a big no-no LOL. After having to clean bubble residue off of the tv and surrounding area, bubbles are an outside activity at our house.

As for the pic I like the idea and the execution is spot on but the tilt really kills it for me.

13th of May 2010 (Thu), 13:19
It's kinda cute, but seems like a weird setting (a baby's nursery) for such an old child. I think bubbles always look best out in a grassy area (as for the clean up, obviously that's up to you - I've wanted to do bubbles in studio because it's a great way to get kids to light up and interact with something but I've not wanted to ruin my background immediately - I guess that's another reason I should move to vinyl, only I wish it came in more colors) I digress - nice photo, but I'd choose another location for a child that age, and for use of bubbles.

13th of May 2010 (Thu), 20:15
Yeah, I wouldn't normally shoot indoors, but I was asked to sit in a nursery class, and that's where they were.