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13th of May 2010 (Thu), 15:50
if you can stand one more. After searching I haven't found anything to 'lift' so thought I'd ask again.

I expect to shoot HS sports, HS senior pics and portraits for anybody over the age of 8, I'd say. Not into toddlers.

I'm old, but have a 17 y.o. HS junior (football player) at home (along with his friends and girlfriends sometimes!) and a 21 y.o. college junior who lives away from home. I like kids HS/college age age and want to make a go at shooting mostly at the HS level for now.

My initials are DCS, name is david snyder, but neither has to be incorporated into a company name for business or website. It should be something that appeals to my target audience of HS age kids, their parents and potential portrait (again, most likely parents with school-age children) customers. I live in Ohio between Akron and Cleveland to give you an idea of location and demographics.

If you've got ideas, I'm all ears! Thanks for your input.


13th of May 2010 (Thu), 19:10
Personally, I've always liked photographers doing business by just their name. The cutsie stuff like "Shutter Bug Photography" and "Eye See Photos" kind of thing isn't for me. For example: my first initial and the common mispronunciation of my last name form "snails" (or close enough) and I've garnered all manner of nicknames over the years. But, I don't use them as a business name because I never introduce myself that way. My philosophy is be friendly, get your client to remember your own name, and it'll be no trouble getting them to remember your business. Sure, in this age with attention spans dwindling into the nanosecond range you want something catchy and easy to remember so people can find you again. But really, it's your name, if they can't remember "Dave" or "David" (whichever you go by) then they are not going to remember "phancy photos" either.

Oh, and please don't use aperture blades as part of a logo for your business. It's super cliche.

In summary: David Snyder Photography (or photos, or whatever)