View Full Version : Full Moon Tamron 400mm + 2x

28th of May 2010 (Fri), 00:33
Here is my latest for the moon
As the title says, I used a Tamron 400mm lens, with a 2x, and shot with my 50D
Had a little fun in photoshop and lightroom with it as well

It's not the clearest shot known to man, but its what I can get with what I got, critique as you guys feel fit :cool:

Bill Boehme
28th of May 2010 (Fri), 00:40
It looks quite good to me. Next, try to capture the moon during the various phases and you will see so much more detail along the terminator.

tiger roach
30th of May 2010 (Sun), 15:08
It is pretty clear and well-imaged IMO - just ease off on the PP a little bit. ;)

31st of May 2010 (Mon), 05:22
I'm sure that you can get better results with that equipment. ;)

Not bad, though.