View Full Version : Sweet GMC

Jon Foster
31st of May 2010 (Mon), 17:08
This was sitting on the side of the road yesterday. I had to stop and get a quick picture. The owner bought it to tow his 51 foot boat. He said it was a fun toy to drive around...



Joe Ravenstein
31st of May 2010 (Mon), 18:12
Whew! That is one biggun of a truck but it should easily haul a 51 footer around. Nice paint job and nice job of making a great image.

1st of June 2010 (Tue), 00:36
Good find, Jon!

Jon Foster
1st of June 2010 (Tue), 21:47
I'd love to have one of these!


sigma pi
2nd of June 2010 (Wed), 15:46
I bet it matches the boat.