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3rd of June 2010 (Thu), 20:35

I am a complete newbie here. I received a Canon EOS XSI for my bday and am taking as many shots as i can and reading as much as i can to learn. Please give me CC on this photo or any of my photos on my flickr account (http://www.flickr.com/photos/waynepage/). I just feel my shots are never really that sharp.



3rd of June 2010 (Thu), 22:00
Can a Mod please move this to the Critiques Corner. I didnt see that section until now. :oops:


11th of June 2010 (Fri), 17:50
Great dog, good composition, good focus and DOF, fine job. The dog deserves an extra pat for being a good model. Being picky, the color may be a shade yellow - see the grass. Another photographer might use a bit of fill flash, or adjust in PP, but that's a matter of taste. Also optional is to add sparkle in the eyes in PP, using the brush tool.

Send more images!

15th of June 2010 (Tue), 12:02
Good looking dog. Good DOF control. The only distraction, and quite small (and very nit-picky), arethe few darker plants near the top of the photo. Otherwise, your photo looks nice.

15th of June 2010 (Tue), 21:52
I like it a lot. You have in focus what needs to be in focus and the colors look great to me.

16th of June 2010 (Wed), 21:05
Thanks to all for the feedback.

27th of July 2010 (Tue), 14:13
Looks good. Maybe crop the top a little to get rid of the distractions.