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7th of June 2010 (Mon), 21:43
Bear with me for a moment as this does lead to displaying photographs in a gallery slide show, which can also be used to promote...

Roku is a small box that works with Netflix "instant watch" and Amazon "on demand". We haven't had Satellite TV for a few years, only a local channel or two and after the withdrawal from my wife and young daughter we decided we don't want it back. Since we have a high speed internet connection we thought we'd try the Netflix on demand over the internet for $8.99 a month. No need to wait for a dvd to arrive in the mail and have to ship it back, simple do a search for what you want to watch or browse the selections such as you would on an MP3 player but with the movie covers showing. Works like a dvd, you have rew/fwd, pause, etc. If you pause and back out of the show to watch something else (like switching from a scary show to a kids show) then switch back it will automatically continue from the location you left. You can watch entire TV series with no commercials and it will remember what episode you are on. No longer do we ever run on a TV schedule.

Anyway, I started browsing around the other things available, there is a Channel for learning Photoshop, I haven't gotten through all of the channels yet.

So, on to the slideshow... If you have a smugmug account you can activate it on the Roku to view all your galleries that are not 'private'. They are actually really great looking on the big flat screen on the wall and when we have company over we'll set it to change photos every 10 seconds.

You can also select top 100 favorites of the day from ALL of smugmug, or browse photo slideshows by theme such as landscape, portraits, animals... The list goes on, I never did get to the end of the themes, it seemed endless.

Yet another feature, you can put in someone's smugmug account name (mine would be "troyraymond") and I'll be able to view any new photos or galleries created by the owner of that account, so instead of watching the boob tube I can relax on the couch and view a wonderful slideshow that may never repeat.

When registering the smug account with the Roku I had to provide an email address in case someone wanted to contact me about the photos but I haven't figured out how that works yet. People with watermarks, names or websites, get quick advertisements whenever their photos are shown. This just reminded me to check out a website that had some awesome photos.

It appears as though some people have started there own 'channels', I have not investigated this so I know nothing of what is needed.

Imagine the possibilities.

Should I do a video of it's functions and such?