View Full Version : LR3 EXPORT >>>this can't be right!

13th of June 2010 (Sun), 21:08
Okay, in LR3 I do an edit of a DNG file; export (as jpg or tif or dng does not matter) to same folder. LR3 does the export but the new pic does not show up until I "sycronize" the folder. I don't think I should have to do that for every photo. Am I missing a setting or it this normal? Please help. :oops:

13th of June 2010 (Sun), 21:43
I believe you may be missing the option on the export that tells Lightroom to register the exported file in the catalog. Have you tried that setting?

13th of June 2010 (Sun), 22:16
Man, I am missing something! I can't find the register option in the export menu. :( Unless you mean the "add to this catalog" box. That is checked.

13th of June 2010 (Sun), 22:21
:oops:Thanks for the info. Further investigation revield that I was negligent in checking the "stack with original" box.:oops: