View Full Version : Do you use an incident light meter?

17th of June 2010 (Thu), 01:36
There's been a few threads lately where the "Incident vs In-Camera Metering" has come up...

I'm curious to know how many people actually use a meter as part of their normal shooting routine.

If your answer is one of the 'Yes' responses...can you share what you shoot?

17th of June 2010 (Thu), 03:17
I use my incident meter when I shoot with strobes or speedlights (set on manual), and when I shoot natural light portraits. My Sekonic 758DR gives me dead-on accuracy every time, saves me time at the shoot and in PP.

17th of June 2010 (Thu), 11:42
I've had one for years, but with the histogram we have now, mine has been gathering dust in favor of using this substitute: Need an exposure crutch? (http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=89123)