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18th of June 2010 (Fri), 23:46
I was given this set today by a friend that was cleaning out a house. I really don't have any use for it, but I'm not sure if i want to get rid of it because I don't know if it's worth anything, and it's kinda cool. Its in near perfect condition, so are all 3 lenses(135mm f/2.5, 50mm f/1.4, 35-70 f/3.5), and all the filters that it has, along with the power winder. If this is the wrong place for this to be posted please move it. I am just curious if there is a market for these old beasts out there.






19th of June 2010 (Sat), 00:19
Wow, I had mine ripped off out of my car in Hood River. Great Camera.

19th of June 2010 (Sat), 00:24
It was my first camera, bought it in 1980. IT was the first slr to have av, tv, m, and P modes. Very advanced for its time. Sadly, they can be had for around $30 or so these days. You might find someone interested in the kit, but dont expect too much. I still have mine but its got a few more miles on it than that one. THey were prone to brassing near the strap mount.

19th of June 2010 (Sat), 00:29
Thanks for the replies. I figured it wasn't worth all that much. I might buy a FD-EF mount converter to play around with the lenses.

19th of June 2010 (Sat), 09:50
If you ever decide to get rid of it think about contacting a local high school, junior college, or college and see if they have photography classes. A lot of the students don't have access to SLRs and have to borrow one from the school. When my daughter took an introductory photography class in college they used SLRs and shot B&W film. Very few students had a camera and the college didn't have enough to go around. I pulled my old AE-1 out of the closet and my daughter used it for the class and is still using it 2 years later.

19th of June 2010 (Sat), 15:56
Before you think of getting rid of it, put a roll of film through it, you may enjoy the experience and decide to keep it.

It is an excellent camera, I have one alongside an F1n and a T90 and I use them all, pure pleasure, all of them. FD lenses are cheap to buy and are very good quality, think I have about 30 at present and I also use an FD to Ef adapter on my 350D.

Try it, you may be surprised.

John :)

19th of June 2010 (Sat), 16:07
Before you think of getting rid of it, put a roll of film through it, you may enjoy the experience and decide to keep it...Ditto. I still have my A1 and shoot with it from time to time. It was and still is a very nice camera.

21st of June 2010 (Mon), 12:40
Yeah the A-1 is a great camera, and that one is in amazing condition. Shooting film is a different experience from digital, you should give it a try since you had a camera fall into your lap.

22nd of June 2010 (Tue), 06:06
PM sent

22nd of June 2010 (Tue), 12:37
It is really sad that so many great cameras have such little value on the used market. Absolutely noting wrong with them, the market has simply lost interest in shooting film.