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21st of June 2010 (Mon), 10:15
I've never done this before and may need some advice.

Assignment = I've been asked to photograph pages inside an old hospital admissions booklet which is 60+ yrs old. Opened it's about an A2 size and does sit resonably flat.

I am thinking at this stage to have my 5D2 on a tripod (mounted under) with my 50l on about f5 - f8 range using an electronic trigger. I may even use a studio softbox to enhance the light.

This seems the best way to go so far.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

26th of June 2010 (Sat), 04:16
If it's not too late, go find a copy of Light: Science & Magic.

26th of June 2010 (Sat), 04:38

Don't know if you've done this already but anyway this is what I use to do.

Sometimes I used to photograph artwork. The key was to get very even, soft light, so if you've got softboxes they would be great. You'll need at least 2 though, I used to have one either side at the same distance and then maybe even a couple of white boards as reflectors (although usually just the lights worked fine).

It's a bit trickier with a tripod but as it's only A2 it should be ok.

I'd probably use at least f8 with your lens.

Good luck,

Lizzy :)