View Full Version : changing the graphics on my rally car, ideas?

carl s.
23rd of June 2010 (Wed), 00:46
So I've decided it's time to change up the look of my rally car (Rally America 171 Open Class Subaru STI). I'm thinking about going to a full or partial vinyl wrap as the car has less and less real paint after each rally (and more and more dents. working on hammering out both passenger side doors as we speak!)

currently it looks like this (world rally blue with a black front bumper, black hood, black roof)




any thoughts on some interesting ideas? I haven't had any good ideas jump out at me yet (don't even have to stick with the current ziptie theme). About the only thing I want to do is keep the front bumper a solid color (black preferably) as I go through those so often it's easiest if I can just spray paint it.