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30th of June 2010 (Wed), 10:30
I was just curious if anyone has modified a hunting backpack like something from Red Head or Bone Collector to carry there gear in. I am wanting to get into alot more wildlife photography and thought one of these or a similiar camo back might come in handy. I was mainly thinking of carring the camera and just throughing in a couple lense pouches, just curious if anyone has already done this and how it worked out.

30th of June 2010 (Wed), 10:35
Surprisingly, there's a well designed camo backpack for baby stuff! I don't have a link. If you're interested do a search for "Baby Sherpa" and you'll see their equipment.
Available in solid colours and camo.
Hope this helps...
Camera inserts such as Domke or Tenba would have to be added.

edit: link is easy ;)