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digital dad
15th of July 2010 (Thu), 17:14
O.k. here i go. I'm new to photography and am not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer if you know what i mean (i'm dumb). I recently bought my first camera, a canon sx1 is, about two months ago. I know, I know it's not a dslr but the reason why i bought it was because it was about $300 cheaper than a dslr and from everything i read was the top of the line point-and-shoot and close to a dslr because or the options and sensor. plus it does 1080p which in the past i did some video/editing of family videos and got pretty good at it and enjoy. The camera's rated at 10 megapixels and when i take a picture and view/edited it on my computer my program (corel) tells me all the info about the picture, iso, histogram, ....and megapixel. Here's my question. i have yet to take a 10 megapixel pictue. i've read through the owners manual front to back and have adjusted the settings for large pictue and have tried manual settings on the camera and the highest pixels count has been 5.35 megapixels. Now please hold the laughter because its not nice to laugh at the slow kid, but im i just that stupid that i dont know how to set up the camera in the settings or does the computer resize the image coming from the camera. any and all feedback would be appreciated but please be nice.

16th of July 2010 (Fri), 03:05
I think you're confusing megapixels and megabytes. A 10MP image isn't necessarily going to show up as 10MB file size on your computer (in fact, it will probably be considerably less).

16th of July 2010 (Fri), 15:09
me too. my T1i gets 5mb in jpeg but raw is biGGG at maxx settings.

26th of August 2010 (Thu), 23:40
resolution of your pictures are probably 10 megapixels
size of the digital file is in megabytes

these 2 things are not to be confused with each other, as they stand for entirely different things. (Pixels are the things you see on any modern day screen, bytes cannot be seen, as they are the format for memory)

But just in case you actually don't have a 10 megapixel photograph, check the user's manual and find out how to change the RESOLUTION of the picture.

hope this helps! (don't be so hard on urself calling urself slow/dumb, a lot of starters get confused!)

25th of September 2010 (Sat), 14:59
Digital Dad,
I know your post is 4 weeks old. you probably figure it out already. In case not, I'm sure you can set up in your camera different settings in quality or size of the output image. Check it out in your manual. If not just play around with your menu.