View Full Version : What's a good B&W Film to get?

19th of July 2010 (Mon), 21:26
I just got my hands on a Fujica 70's SLR with M42 screw mount.
Thought I'd give it a spin but i don't know anything about analog film. Sure i had a camera as a kid but i didn't develop as a photographer escept for the technical bits of a camera i alway's pick that up.

I wan't to shoot B&W because it's said that's the thing DSLR's don't do as well also i'd feel weird not specializing the camera and B&W is relativley easy.

So anyone have a film recomendation ?

Picture North Carolina
20th of July 2010 (Tue), 06:14
Back before the earth was formed (when film was used), I always preferred the Ilford BW films over Kodak's. But to be honest, I don't even know if its made any more.

Joe Ravenstein
20th of July 2010 (Tue), 07:59
Fuji film is still in production and B&H in NY carries it and Kodak and ilford as well. I am very prejudiced towards Fujifilm and will buy it over any other brand. I have been using it since the 60s. I just bought a Canoscanner 9000 film/slide scanner so I can finally digitize all my B&W and color film negatives and slides. That will keep me occupied for months of free time.

21st of July 2010 (Wed), 15:55
Having used film for many years and only just started exploring digital, I've always used Ilford for B&W, and I love it. HP5 (400 ISO) is a good starting point, you get really nice contrast, I particularly love it for more artistic shots. FP4 (125 ISO) is good for finer work. I will sometimes use XP2 as it's processed with colour chemicals & easier to get developed, usually ends up cheaper that way too. Ilford is available from most high street photo shops in the UK, if not you can certainly order it online.

23rd of July 2010 (Fri), 01:52
I liked Ilford HP5 before I defected to digital. Pretty easy to develop and all you need for film dev is a sink and some equipment.

19th of August 2010 (Thu), 21:30
B&W was always my favorite in film and I always rolled Ilford Delta 400 and also developed on their paper. Great products. Thanks for the memories.


19th of August 2010 (Thu), 21:33
Here you go. Have fun.