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3rd of August 2010 (Tue), 02:51
Hey guys, I'm fairly new to photography and I'm now moving towards flash photography. I don't plan to use studio lighting yet, that seems to be down the road. I plan to pick up the 580EX II and a few books soon to try things out and see where that leads me. I have been following www.canonrumors.com lately and I notice that there's a speculation that a new flash will be introduced.

Now this is what I've learned. Generally, camera bodies are upgraded generally around 2 years, and lens average much much longer.

How often are flash units upgraded? The 580ex II seems to have been out for three years(2007) and I was wondering if it was time for the 580EX II to be replaced? I'm not too sure the life span on these flash units.

Should I wait or see what's going to come up at Photokina?


3rd of August 2010 (Tue), 03:13
i remember reading the rumor that the 680ex would be announced this summer.

are you asking because you want to wait to buy the new one, or because you want to buy the 580exII cheaper.

i have a feeling this will give canon a chance to add more AF points for those 1 series bodies. supposedly they fell behind nikon because the 580exII can only handle 45 points for AF assist. maybe with the 680ex, they'll make 55 AF points just to beat nikon

3rd of August 2010 (Tue), 03:26
I am looking to buy the 680EX if it's true. I don't mind waiting a few more weeks or so. I'm still enjoying natural lighting photography. Just expanding my options. :]

3rd of August 2010 (Tue), 03:35
Just cant wait if a 680EX comes out. I've only killed 3 of the 580EXII's in less than 3 yrs.

25th of August 2010 (Wed), 13:11
The only upgrade that I want is a built-in radio trigger (built in PocketWizard) with multiple zones and controls straight from the body to the flash.

3rd of September 2010 (Fri), 11:58
I imagine the 1Ds mk4 will have a few more flash related options that will only work with a new flash.

However, I'm still using my 550EX (introduced for the Eos-3 SLR) and it works just fine. So look at the features, find out whether it will do what you want with your camera before buying the latest and greatest.

13th of December 2010 (Mon), 20:56
I dunno...we were supposed to hear about the new flash before Photokina 2010 and now that has passed.

That being the case...we may be waiting until next year's show.

22nd of May 2011 (Sun), 11:22
How often are flash units upgraded?

Release dates:

1987 420EZ
1989 430EZ
1994 540EZ

1995 380EX
2000 420EX
2005 430EX
2008 430EX II

1998 550EX
2004 580EX
2007 580EX II

next one? soon I expect...

23rd of May 2011 (Mon), 08:45
Crumbs, I was reading the thread thinking that the 580EXII had only just come out! Must be getting old...