View Full Version : 4 minute video with 5DMKII

5th of August 2010 (Thu), 23:46

You can say that this is my first video with my Canon 5DMKII... I did a video before this but it wasn't this long so for me this would be my official first video with the 5dMKII... :D

This is a friend of mine that wanted me to record his rehearsal and I edit it a bit in Premiere to make it more fun.

opinions are welcome. couldn't upload the video in HD so you can only see it at 480p

LINK - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UsSOQq30GA


6th of August 2010 (Fri), 15:34
With the style of music I would cut much faster, Even going bac and forth from the same shots will pick up the pace of the video. It needs to feel faster.

8th of August 2010 (Sun), 12:42
I liked the video, could use a bit more light so we can see whats going on a bit more clearly.its a good rock feel though, and you friend's band it pretty tight. problem is, I've only taken a single year of Spanish so I don't really know what the song is about hehe.

8th of August 2010 (Sun), 13:53
Thanks guys... I appreciate your time!