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14th of August 2005 (Sun), 17:55
Club level motor racing is very strong in the UK although we do suffer from small grids for some races. The MX5 (Miata) races this weekend however had a grid of 38 cars, all driven hard and competitively.

A new spot to shoot from:

Another good use of 600mm:

He should be looking where is is going, not at me:

I did say it was a big grid:

A happy winner:

When it goes wrong it is handy to have a marshal nearby:

Saturday was a bit wet:

14th of August 2005 (Sun), 18:15
good stuff Ken, ace work.

re the wetnes, I was at Silverstone yesterday - might as well have not bothered, weather was nonsense...

today I was at Brands...a bit better.

which circuit was this at? Oulton?

14th of August 2005 (Sun), 18:45
Ooooh, love that last shot with the roostertail! Nice work as always, Ken.

16th of August 2005 (Tue), 04:02
fantastic stuff, do you get yourself bhind tyre barriers or stand up with the rest of the spectactors? I couldnt get any angles like that at Brands, though i was shooting with a 300mm max lens, or do i just need to try harder?

16th of August 2005 (Tue), 04:08
Ken has some MASSIVE lenses Matt, and a bit of paper that excludes him from mingling with the spectators.

16th of August 2005 (Tue), 08:37
Very good picture KennyG as always :)

16th of August 2005 (Tue), 09:03
They are all great. Love #2. A clear visor makes for a cool shot and the color is wonderful.

16th of August 2005 (Tue), 13:25
Excellent stuff Ken. The good thing about an engine fire in a 2CV is that there isn't much to put out!

Skip Souza
16th of August 2005 (Tue), 13:46
Great shots as usual Ken. Luv 2, 3 and last. Great colors and I am a sucker for the "eyes of the hunter".

16th of August 2005 (Tue), 15:12
ahhh ic, laminated tag round his neck excusing him from mingling with the plebs...i got it.

still fantastic shots!

16th of August 2005 (Tue), 17:10
I have a large collection of plastic media passes, car parking passes, sashes and bibs. It gets a bit worrying when the gate staff wave you through without checking anything as it means I go too often.

I am really liking the look of 600mm shots (1st and 2nd shots for example), as do some of my publishers and I am seriously debating the purchase of a 600mm for next season. It is a heavy beast and I think I will have to spend the winter body building ready for 2006.

Matt, I always talk to anyone behind the wire if they make themselves known. I have met a number of people who post on here and hope to see some of them on my side at some point.

Just to help me tip the balance in favour of a native 600mm:


16th of August 2005 (Tue), 17:27
Those are awesome photos, I think I need some bigger glass, gives me a lot of inspiration to improve. Some of the tips you gave in another thread really helped this weekend so thanks for those Ken.

Skip Souza
16th of August 2005 (Tue), 17:31
Oh yeah! The last two are great. They really pop out of the monitor. The color and contrast is WOW. The Tasmanian Devil doesn't hurt the pop factor either.
I hope to be at Infineon Raceway in November for the Legends. I'll be looking for your hat :-)

16th of August 2005 (Tue), 23:24
Kenny, first let me say I am not all that big into auto racing of any type, nor do I reply much in the sports forum. But I have been checking your stuff out (as well as Gmen's) and damn if you don't make it look fun. All your shots are awesome. You are also very helpful when asked a question, to me that is the consumate professional. I look forward to seeing more of your incredible pics. So keep up the good work, your truely are an asset to POTN, thank you...............Joe

16th of August 2005 (Tue), 23:44
very crisp shots...awesome...

pwen watkin
16th of October 2006 (Mon), 22:31
Great photos. love the 2nd shot the most.

Mike Reynolds
17th of October 2006 (Tue), 03:47
good job Ken

17th of October 2006 (Tue), 18:31
As always Ken it is a pleasure looking at your shots, they are superb. That 600mm lens is amazing!
Cheers Ricky

17th of October 2006 (Tue), 22:28

I am hoping that the shots with an indicated focal length of 600mm are shot with the 300+ 2xTC. I just posted a question in the lens forum about this combination. I have the 300 2.8 and I am looking for more reach than my 1.4TC gives me.

If this combination is acceptable I will go ahead and purchase the 2xTC.
I am mostly concerned about AF performance.

18th of October 2006 (Wed), 08:34
[pwen watkin;2129554]
why are you doing this all over the forum ? reposting old posts
some of them are over a year old
it can cause a lot of confusion when questions are asked and no one replies to the question as the post is well outdated
its disrespectful to poster and viewer
( the photos are terrific)

unless you state clearly that the date when you reply is way off
that should prevent others asking questions about the subject matter or thinking it all happened recently

I have a long list of all the posts you have brought up recently

< (just two examples)

I don't think it is either fair or thoughtful of you to confuse those who don't notice the dates
I had a spot of trouble when I clicked onto your urls