View Full Version : The Photography Institute = SCAM ??????

19th of August 2010 (Thu), 17:52
Hey everyone I have to ask is the photography institute a scam? They sent me an awesome offer via email that I would love to take them up on it just seems way too good to be true.

Please help me out here as I would love to know.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


19th of August 2010 (Thu), 18:15
Never heard of them, i guess you mean this one ? http://www.thephotographyinstitute.com and they also have the UK domain http://www.thephotographyinstitute.co.uk

Something is only an "awesome offer" if you think that the content they are selling is worthy of teh original price they have it pegged at, for me if something sounds too good to be true then it usually is.

550 or $1099 would buy a few very good training DVD's (that can be sold when you have done watching them) or give you membership to several good well known institutions or pay for a proper training course at a local college.

21st of June 2012 (Thu), 09:24
i know this is an old post but i felt that i needed to make any one thinking of this course aware
as its just that i been on it for some time and IN MY own opinion its a rip off
tutors take days to get back to you content is nothing you cant get for free of the net

i wasted 550 paying for this and it was such a waste its noting but an over priced book sadly

21st of June 2012 (Thu), 09:47
Personally I like the course. I find the structure and pace helps. Tutor replies are reasonable. A formal qualification which may or may not be worth recognition? I reckon the best for you is just to read the reviews and see what you think. All the information within is a available else where. What I find is that I am driven to operate the camera in ways I wouldn't normally. The purpose mainly being to teach you the fundamentals. Admittedly 550 quid will buy you a lot of books and if you are a driven self learner this is probably better. I however am still buying the books and learning more as a result.

Below is a link to a course review on ePHOTOzines website