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28th of March 2003 (Fri), 13:19
Just wondering from all, what is their preferred way to reduce the file size of photos for web and email (particularly in Photoshop). I take most pics at the large/superfine size and am wondering the best way to reduce the size to email/web size. The average size of these pics is 1mb to 1.5 mb. This is like 20-30x the size they say you need for the web, which is only around 50k. I have been using Photoshop, Save for Web, and it shows the originals at 11.1 mb. Does anyone also know why it would show that (Isn't that 11x the size of it?) What settings do you use? Also, is there a way to batch process and change the size of multiple photos at once? Thanks in advance!

28th of March 2003 (Fri), 18:37
I like to use Breezebrowser, and you select all the images you want to send, right-click and select "email".
It will then resize to a preset size, or you can select a custom size and quality.

28th of March 2003 (Fri), 21:57
lenser wrote:
. I have been using Photoshop, Save for Web, and it shows the originals at 11.1 mb. Does anyone also know why it would show that.

I have not spent too much time studying what all of this means and why. I kind of pick away in my free time. Also, I e-mail few that are small, since mine tend to be forwarded (e.g. to the office) as potential PC backgrounds. That said:

1: I usually resize to the required physical dimensions and then save for the Web via PS's built-in functionality.

2: I think that the 11.1 meg original size eflects the fact that PS has already converted your JPEG to its own working format.. and then to TIFF (8 bit) for use when you call up its convet for web function. Here 11.1 Megs is the size of file of a full 8 bit Canon image. Note that it is 22.2 megs when you start with a RAW image and convert that to 16 bit TIFF.

3: I do not batch any e-mail stuff, but if I had to, I would probably invoke the PS slide show for web and see what happened to my files.

4: One related item about "printing" that you may not have noticed. You want to remember to save all your pixels when printing. You do that by de-activating the "resample" check box within the "image resize" function. So, say you have a 12 inch by 8 inch image @180 pixels per inch; if you call for 360 pixels the image size will autopmatically drop to 6 by 4 and the printing will retain all of your captured pixels. I have printed a few on my Epson 880 that are awfully good (vis-a-vis the screen image.).

29th of March 2003 (Sat), 01:31
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