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30th of August 2010 (Mon), 21:38
I am in the need to add some second shooters to my line up for the rest of my booked weddings for this year. I am a professional, and full time so I need to make sure my second shooter can produce quality images and know how to work their camera!!!

Canon Shooter (5D, 5D2, 7D, or 1D series please)
Fast lenses (at least 2 GOOD lenses! Preferably "L" glass)
Flash (Knowledge of off camera flash preferred)
At least 10 weddings under your belt as primary or second
Local!!! I am in the Fairfield/Vacaville area. but I shoot all over the place!
Be cool! I am very laid back, but professional. No egos or people trying to hard!
In good health (had to many times where I got canceled on due to health issues!!)
You will be a SECOND SHOOTER! During formals and posed images you are an assistant.
You will be fed and paid for every wedding. Pay is DOE and DOJ

email me for more details cmcphotography@mac.com
and check out my blog to see my style, I would like someone similar to my style.

30th of August 2010 (Mon), 22:32
Local!!! I am in the Fairfield/Vacaville area.

Where's that?

and check out my blog to see my style, I would like someone similar to my style.

Where's that?


31st of August 2010 (Tue), 05:29
Where's that?


Oh man you dont know where that is?

Where's that?

doh - on the web...


31st of August 2010 (Tue), 13:45
I wonder if this is them...


31st of August 2010 (Tue), 14:21
cali :/

31st of August 2010 (Tue), 23:51
LOL. Yeah forgot to put the website on there www.cmc-photo.com

2nd of September 2010 (Thu), 21:21
If you shoot anything in the south bay, give me a holler.

8th of September 2010 (Wed), 13:41
Los Angeles

9th of September 2010 (Thu), 02:56
I am in Davis, CA so I am very close. I would be happy to be a second shooter in situations where you need one.

My website is: WilliamLiuPhotography.com (http://www.williamliuphotography.com/) (my slide show has some wedding photos, I can email you more if you would like)

My Email is: WilliamLiuPhotography@gmail.com

If you want a phone number, I can provide one.

The only qualification I do not meet is the 10 weddings. I have only done two, both as primary on my own. I have also done one engagement like session. Again, I can provide samples if you would like.

12th of September 2010 (Sun), 12:35
I am in Berkeley and I'd love to second shoot for you.
But I don't have a car as I am a broke college kid who moved up here for school.
I've never done any weddings, but I'm looking to gain some experience.
I've done some engagement style shoots as well.
here's a link to my blog - http://jamesasuncion.blogspot.com