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17th of August 2005 (Wed), 01:29
hi, all just curious what file format you gals/guys use to shoot your weddings? what are the advantages of doing it the way you do? one other thing, how many images do you usually shoot in a single event?

17th of August 2005 (Wed), 02:13
Don't even think of shooting anything but RAW for a wedding. Trust me on that one......

17th of August 2005 (Wed), 11:49
Yeah, Raw is better in case something is a bit out of wack... white balance off or slightly under- or over exposed.

18th of August 2005 (Thu), 09:35
Definitely RAW! RAW lets you rescue pics that would be unusable when shot in .jpg.

RAW gives you a little "wiggle room."

18th of August 2005 (Thu), 14:14
RAW only.

I typically shoot 200 or so, but it depends on the deal. Maximum 300.

For one El-Cheapo wedding deal, I shot 35 and was out of the place within the hour. But, I am not proud of that one.

---Bob Gross---

18th of August 2005 (Thu), 14:28
only RAW, are there any other formats :lol:
yes it takes more space, but less risk to screew up, I usually shoot from 3-7Gb on one event.