View Full Version : 550D/Kiss X4 video won't play

17th of September 2010 (Fri), 05:52
I just took a short video for testing purposes with my kiss X4 and the .mov file won't play properly in either gom player or vlc player on Windows 7. I also created a project in Premier Pro CS4 and the playback there was choppy as well.

Could this be due to my memory card? I've got a class 6 card in there and I thought that was sufficient for video.

18th of September 2010 (Sat), 06:53

anyone? would really like to shoot video, but need to know why it was choppy.

18th of September 2010 (Sat), 07:26
The .mov videos from my old SX10 would only play well in quicktime from memory, I used to just convert them to .avi before doing anything with them as I hate quicktime lol

18th of September 2010 (Sat), 07:30
I also hate quicktime - refuse to install it on any of my computers. Hmmm...

18th of September 2010 (Sat), 09:15
Try it. It works great with my T2i.

23rd of September 2010 (Thu), 02:55
As said, the best way to play them is with Quick Time, I couldn't imagine my computer without QT! :).

Also, CS4 is not that great at handling those formats, but CS5 has native support for DSLR video, and I have tried a few samples with 0 lagging at full res on a Quad Core at 2.4Ghz.

Just to be sure: you talked about the card... you really need to copy the video file to your computer in order to play in real time and/or edit it, don't run the video from the card.

Hope this helps,

23rd of September 2010 (Thu), 19:43

I meant that perhaps my card wasn't fast enough to record video - of course I was editing/viewing it on my computer after copying to the HDD. - will look into CS5

23rd of September 2010 (Thu), 20:48
I see, sorry for the confusion, that's why I said: just to be sure :) ... well, the manual says that if the card can't cope up with the frame rate, it'll stop recording... but I have a Class 4 Trascend that was able to record at least some test videos, no issues. At any rate, I'm using a Sandisk Class 10 now just to be sure.