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2nd of October 2001 (Tue), 11:58
Just found this at imaging-resource.com.


I'm not really sure how I feel about the EOS-1D yet. It's built like a truck and it's very fast but I don't like the color rendition and noise I'm seeing. Look at the steeple shot at ISO 200. Although the sky is a bit dark to make a good noise comparison, it seems to have the same, or more, noise than the D30 at ISO 400. At ISO 500 it seems to have far more noise than the D30 at ISO 400.



Also look at the res chart. The 1D seems to suffer from the same problem as the D30 where stray pixels appear at certain frequencies. The problem is that they only appear between 650-850 lpi on the D30 but on the 1D they appear between ~650-1000 lpi! Look at the vertical res bar at the bottom of the chart.


I really think they should have went with CMOS at 6 mega pixels or more even if the speed went to 5 frames per second due to the low noise figure. To be honest, if they had produced a full 35mm format version of the CMOS sensor, even if they didn't change the pixel size, they would have made a lot of pros happy.

Here's the basic math:

D30 sensor = 22x14.9mm with 2160x1440 usable
35mm = 35x23.3mm

I'll just use the 'usable' pixels to make it easier since the oversize of the sensor would most likely be similar in the 1D to allow easy mounting and alignment for mass production.

35/22 = ~1.59 ratio
23.3/14.9 = ~1.564 ratio

2160x1.59 = ~3434
1440x1.564 = ~2252

3434x2252 = ~7.7 mega pixels plus!

Canon, you would have cleaned up (and it would have been all yours)!

Hmm, $6500.00....