View Full Version : Sample pictures of a T.S. lens

9th of April 2003 (Wed), 01:40
Does anyone have sample pictures taken with a Tilt and Shift lens?

Can somebody help me find a link to see the difference between pictures taken with a standard lens and a T.S.?

9th of April 2003 (Wed), 09:03
I've used it with a film camera. Basically it can be used to line up your vertical lines or you can use it for taking those selective focus shots that were so trendy a few years ago. If you are in a big city you should be able to rent one.

9th of April 2003 (Wed), 09:30
or tilt and shift your body :)

9th of April 2003 (Wed), 21:20
No matter what contortions you put your body through, you won't change the relationship of the lens to the film/sensor plane....

Check out http://luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/movements.shtml for a little tutorial on the significance of such an ability. You can focus from a few inches to infinity at f/2.8 by tilting the lens forward and you can keep vertical lines parallel by shifting the lens up and not tilting the camera upwards to shoot a tall building. Impossible with a regular lens...


19th of July 2006 (Wed), 08:23
I own the Canon 45 TS-E and it is a great optics but isn't the easiest to use because we are all spoiled by AF and this lens doesn't have that...........here is a small review that I posted a while back.....


Doctor Diesel
19th of July 2006 (Wed), 08:43
saw an article in am. photographer a few weeks ago where someone had tripod mounted his camera and shot two landscape frames, one at extreme l shift and one at extreme right....he'd stitched the images together and had an effective 32 megapixel panoramic shot....looked great!......not what it was meant for but ingenious!

19th of July 2006 (Wed), 13:23
With the ability of Photoshop to correct converging lines and adjust perspective I don't think the rise and fall of a PC lens is as important a feature as it was BD (Before Digital). I did add this lens to my collection of lenses for the tilt feature to give better focus control in certain situations. With that said, I have found the 24mm TS to be a very sharp prime lens in its own right.

Joe R
19th of July 2006 (Wed), 14:12
You can do some perspective correction in Photoshop, but you do lose quality, and Photoshop is not easily able to replicate skillfully applied tilt. There is a good tutorial on tilt/shift lenses on photo.net, and a recent thread on fredmiranda.com with lots of image samples.

Your best bet for learning more about tilt/shift lenses is to read up on lens movements - here's an excellent series of articles in PDF format:

I also advise renting a tilt/shift lens and trying it out!