View Full Version : Westwind in concert

4th of September 2005 (Sun), 05:28
Here are a couple of photos of Westwind in concert in Independence, MO. They performed before the Erika Jo concert. Good country music! Both photos taken with 85mm f/1.8 lens & 300d camera.

4th of September 2005 (Sun), 08:40
Nice shots Tucked, The second one is nice but I wish he were singing instead of adjusting the mic.

4th of September 2005 (Sun), 13:25
I agree the mike did cast a shadow over his face. Better than I would have done I'm sure.

4th of September 2005 (Sun), 13:43
It sucks when you can't get to where you want in order to get the picture you could get if you could just get there! And then they change from doing what they were doing when you saw the good shot and were able to get a somewhat better position so that the shot wasn't there any more! I know because this happens to me almost weekly!

6th of September 2005 (Tue), 05:07
Thank you all for your great comments. This place is helping me along.. which I really need. The second picture with the microphone stuck out to me as being good... because I keep remembering posts where people say "would have been good without a microphone blocking the face".... :D So, what do i do, post the 1 picture I have w/o a microphone in front of the face... never even stopping to think that it looks like he isn't singing... (i don't think he was:oops:) I am attaching another photo, with microphone. Thanks again!

6th of September 2005 (Tue), 10:09
Something I have noticed about concerts is that the more professional the concert the further away from the microphone the singers will be. The mid-level country singers I shoot at the Maverick Saloons always seem to have their lips touching the microphone and some almost seem to be sucking on it. In the world class concerts at the casino, they hold the mike or stand six inches to a foot away and don't seem so glued to it. It may well have to do with the arrangement of the monitors, proximity of the speakers, quality of the equipment, or just comfort on the stage ... I don't know, but having them back away from the microphone at regular intervals is very helpful! :-)