View Full Version : Blue Man, Richie Hawtin, Monolake and more from Concert- with crazy lighting

6th of September 2005 (Tue), 11:36
On Sunday night I had an opportunity to work with one of the biggest production companies in the US in terms of Electronic Music Events, DJ's, etc.

PAXAHAU is the name of the company and they celebrated their 7th Anniversary with a great event at the Masonic Temple Fountain Ballroom, in Detroit, MI on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 4th, 2005 with ARTISTS:RICHIE HAWTIN, MONOLAKE, LUCIANO, CHUCK FLASK, TONY ZADONIA, JOHN JOHR, BRIAN KAGE, SHIFT, CRAIG GONZALEZ, GREG MUDGE.

The entire event gallery can be viewed at http://www.ekreating.com/gallery/list.php?exhibition=57

The Lighting was tough since it was very, very, dark. I had my ISO up t0 1600 and 3200, EC +2, and was using my 70-200IS @f2.8, along with my 580EX to help focus and add a little light at times without blowing the natural light.

Any feedback or comments are welcomed. :)

Artist: Monolake, the blue light was interesting and he performed totally live, on drum machines, samplers, effects mixers, etc



Artist: Richie Hawtin - The Red light was beyond tough, almost impossible, he only had one single red spotlight on him. He is from Berlin, Germany- where he is considered a major celeb.

Artist: Luciano - another German DJ - this was at the warmup BBQ for friends and industry people on Saturday night.

Crowd shot: This was with Shutter speed of 1 second , ISO 800, 3.5, with my 10-22 @ 10. I didn't venture into the crowd much as I usully do for people shots because it was so crowded and my lens was fogging up if I did.

6th of September 2005 (Tue), 16:15
Phew! Your crowd shot looks like most of mine! I like that first image! Don't have time to check out your website as I'm in the middle of moving and about a dozen related and unrelated emergencies.

8th of September 2005 (Thu), 09:10
Phew! Your crowd shot looks like most of mine! I like that first image!

I wish I could get the lighting look you have to work with at the Casino.

As in this event, the lighting directors and production company made it as dark as possible in the venue, without making it dangerous for the crowd.

I like Blue and white light, but hate the single red spotlight, which I think Richie wants to use in His Rider, because I have never seen another color light when he has played the three times I have seen him.

It was so dark , I was forcred to use Manual Focus on some of these shots, because AF was not picking up enough light, even with the 580EX focus assist beam on , and the flash turned off.

Dwight, do you ever use this combination? ST-E2? just the 580EX IR auto focus assist beam, for tough shots?

8th of September 2005 (Thu), 09:54
Very nice shots! I love the mood of the first three. I must admit though when I read the title I thought these would be pics of Blue Man Group.

Dwight, good luck in moving! Remember to keep your back straight and make the legs do the work when lifting stuff.

8th of September 2005 (Thu), 14:46
Eric, yes, I readily admit that it is the casino lighting that makes my images what they are ... without that mine would look just like yours, only not as good! I have a 580EX but do not have (yet) the ST-E2, although I can see use for it. I expect at some point, if the casino gig continues, to pick up another 580EX (or later) and ST-E2 (or later.) Currently I am concentrating (this is professional talk for "saving up for") on a new printer, and then for clamps and remote triggering setup for the boxing matches ... and I may at some point try using them for a concert shoot, although probably not the big name talent as they are generally very, um, "tight"!

Bottom, I am hiring young bucks like yourself to do the grunt work! This is one of those times when I am invoking the "60 year old heart patient" card! :-)