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29th of December 2010 (Wed), 09:07
Using a flag in the background


More on my Flickr site

29th of December 2010 (Wed), 13:33
Very Nice!

29th of December 2010 (Wed), 13:41
very nice

29th of December 2010 (Wed), 16:31
wow nice capture

30th of December 2010 (Thu), 11:12
that is awesome... How many shots did it take to get it right?

Bend The Light
30th of December 2010 (Thu), 11:24
Oooooh! Want one!

Care to share the set up...was there an optimal distance for the flag, etc?

30th of December 2010 (Thu), 12:33
wow....would love to try this! What was the camera setup?

30th of December 2010 (Thu), 18:14
Water droplets were created in the lid of a ceramic dish. I find that shallow dishes give me the best drops (I have yet to try out a fish tank as that would remove the obvious edge in the photo)
Using my 100mm macro, I setup (with tripod of course) as low as possible so that the drops end up close to level with the lens
Flash is set to one side, at 1/32 power about 5cm from the drops.
Flag is upside and reversed about 20 cm behind the dish. I had three bright lights shining on it ( I want to experiment with backlighting it)
I use a burette to generate the drops (gives me great control to the rate and recommend getting one if you want to lots of these)
I use burst mode, 100 ISO, f18-22. 1/125.
I take the burst when times to the drops. The best rate of drops is about 2-3 drops per second. I would like to experiment with a greater rate as I want a falling drop to collide with a rising drop (haven't got that yet :-( )
I get maybe 10% success rate (in focus etc) but then 1 in 50 which are magic.
SInce the drops don't always 'bounce' completely vertically, the fact I get a drop or two in front of a star, is pure luck.

I will post a photo later today

1st of January 2011 (Sat), 06:04
I will post a photo later today

Here they are (with and Australian flag in situ)
(not quite a progfessional setup :D )