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10th of September 2005 (Sat), 21:26
I recently started doing some sports action photography and put together all the shots of one team in a hardback photobook. The parents love it and want more. The one I did I did using Shutterfly.com. The only problem is there is no way for my customers to view it and add captions if they want. Also, if I mass produced it gets a bit expensive as those are at retail prices.

Does anyone know of a vendor that I can use? Shutterfly's was great quality and I don't want to compromise that.

Look forward to hearing back from any of you. Thanks

10th of September 2005 (Sat), 23:20
What kind of quantity are you looking for, for a single printing?

---Bob Gross---

Debian Dog
11th of September 2005 (Sun), 06:52
iPhoto/Mac can do it... and you can also make a PDF of the book for others to pre-view.


11th of September 2005 (Sun), 14:11
I don't know where you're located, but I ran across this the other day. 20% off mypublisher.com from Costco. I've never used them, so I can't speak to the quality.



12th of September 2005 (Mon), 22:50
Bob, Probably no more than 20 or 30 of each team. Many will want there own child in the window on the front so those will be one at a time. Thanks

12th of September 2005 (Mon), 23:00
What kind of paper do they use to print them? Prices seem a little low for it to be high quality. Would you say they are like the big photobooks you can get in a bookstore? Slick pages with crisp/clear photos?


13th of September 2005 (Tue), 22:50
Pictage has an album designer:

IPhoto does too: