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New Posts

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POTN #517 -- Favorite Place [page 1, last page: 2
by OhioHick (1 month ago) 1
Small Compact Digitals by Canon151,2422
No Exif from flickr  
by Choderboy (1 month ago) 1
Forum Talk63271
Break A Leg @ Yours & Owls Festival, October ’17  
by BJWOK (1 month ago) 1
Performing Arts21390
Stick Figure  
by BushWacker (3 months ago) 1
Performing Arts33000
Simply the Best - Tribute to Tina Turner  
by BushWacker (1 month ago) 1
Performing Arts31992
Electronic level not working in the vertical on the Canon 5Dmkiv  
by Pegasus1 (2 months ago) 1
Canon EOS Digital Cameras41,3380
Bearded Tit.  
by River Don (1 month ago) 1
Eastern Bluebird  
by frozenframe (1 month ago) 1
by 71sbeetle (8 months ago) 1
Classifieds: For Sale71,0971
Jacky Lizard  
by Bear Dale (1 month ago) 1
White Tail Kite eats his meal while flying mid air ...  
by Kiwimochi (1 month ago) 1
Cozumel February 2017 [page 1, last page: 2
by gug (over 1 year ago) 1
Underwater Photography274,71829
Orion setting over Brisbane city  
by S.R.M. (2 months ago) 1
Astronomy & Celestial462513
Yellowstone Assortment, May/June 2017  
by sandwedge (7 months ago) 1
Urban Performers, Street Musicians -- Photos? [page 1, last page: 3
by tonylong (4 months ago) 1
Urban Life & Travel403,39943
Glow Speed Ring Adapter to Mount ParaPop on Bowens Mount  
by 71sbeetle (over 1 year ago) 1
Classifieds: For Sale111,8790
Post your nat'l park & monument photos! [page 1, last page: 18
by OhLook (over 4 years ago) 1
Nature & Landscapes25752,273197
Looking for advice on a zoom lens. [page 1, last page: 2
by harihacker (1 month ago) 1
Canon EF and EF-S Lenses222,82510
Custom Outfit  
by driving35mm (1 month ago) 1
Barred Owl  
by FPP (1 month ago) 1
What do I need to know about flying with photo equipment? [page 1, last page: 2
by bpiper7 (1 month ago) 1
General Photography Talk281,0992
DONE DEALFS: Canon lenses - 16-35 IS 24-70 II 70-200 II 100-400 II 85 1.8 100L IS  
by 71sbeetle (1 month ago) 1
Classifieds: For Sale03890
Canon 85mm f1.8  
by snakeneck (1 month ago) 1
Classifieds: For Sale23620
New 15% off eBay code (3/27)  
by ShadowHillsPhoto (2 months ago) 1
Market Watch24660
DONE DEALFS: Canon 5D Mark IV 5D4 with accessories - 4200 actuations  
by 71sbeetle (1 month ago) 1
Classifieds: For Sale02981
Final moment before switch [page 1, last page: 3
by Talley (2 months ago) 1
Changing Camera Brands382,31520
DONE DEALWTB: Voigtlander 40mm f/1.2 (E Mount)  
by eth3rton (1 month ago) 1
Classifieds: Want to Buy01370
Anybody Here Work for Lifetouch?  
by Rick Anderson (over 9 years ago) 1
General Photography Talk147,4430
Canon mug gift set  
by chuckmiller (1 month ago) 1
The Lounge67350
Seriously thinking about moving to nikon [page 1, last page: 12
by TheNewLegend (over 1 year ago) 1
Changing Camera Brands16716,708141
Thread + thread starterForumLast postRepliesViews Likes  
top 4,737 updated threads, 158 pages
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