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lensmen 15th of February 2012 (Wed) 23:16

Mobile or smartphone version of POTN ?
i am hoping that there is someway or setting which allows easy viewing of this forum on my Android smartphone & tablet. And doesn't chew up bandwidth

Is there a setting to do this or that it is a totally reprogramming altogether.

Would the admin / mod consider this option ?


Mike 16th of February 2012 (Thu) 02:50

Re: Mobile or smartphone version of POTN ?
There's a whole thread about this if you'd bothered to look (about 10 posts down from yours)

Pekka is in the process of writing new forum software so there will be nothing new happening to this version. You're just going to have to wait :)

Pete 16th of February 2012 (Thu) 03:07

Re: Mobile or smartphone version of POTN ?
Thanks Mike.

Closing this down to keep discussion/info in one place.

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