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Default Re: Canon TS-E90mm f/2.8

Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Finally had a chance to give the lens a good workout at the botanic garden - here's a couple that were more tilt/shift specific -

I tried to lay the plane of focus over the surface of the water and floating leaves - at a working distance of a few feet, I don't think that I'm getting this depth any other way.

Ditto with this image - pretty good sharpness through the frame.

Close, but no cigar on the practice run at getting all three flowers on the same plane, but at least the back two flowers didn't get obliterated in to complete mush.

Fun lens - I look forward to learning the ropes over the next couple months.
Actually, I really like that last one very much, and even with tilt it isn't always possivle to get all in focus you want, especially with the 90.

Did you notice the bokeh in that last shot, BTW? This is a prime example () of how good TS-E bokeh is. The pointy leaves in the background actually fade away very nicely and smoothly. Try this with any other (non-TS-E) lens; you might be disappointed . You will also find it is this good at any aperture with the TS-Es ...

Kind regards, Wim
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