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Default Re: My gosh! The Pentax K-5 has ridiculous dynamic range! (Sample shot linked)

Originally Posted by tkbslc View Post
Perhaps I am ignorant, but it is not self explanatory. I'd love to see some examples where it is improving real photos, and/or prints.
What should be self-explanatory is that the examples seen so far are not meant to be anything but demonstrations of the cameras capability, not show off full photographic potential. There are people who understand the implications of that potential immediately, not only from the -8.5 to -9EC duck with the $20, but from the DxO charts as well.

Only a few people have had these cameras, for a few days, and most don't even realize the potential. I really don't know why anyone would think there would be a lot of samples of something which hasn't existed before, and hasn't had time to work its way into people's consciousness and workflow, and isn't optimized for yet in converters.

I have Canons. I don't have a high-DR camera to demonstrate.

I can only do a shot on the 5D2, under-exposed the same amount as the K5 Duck/$20 shot, in the same kind of light, and show you the RAWs, both downsampled to the same size (800 pixels wide); ISO 100 on the 5D2; ISO 80 on the K5; whitepoints 9.5 stops below RAW saturation in both:

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