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Default Re: Fraud "photography" caught using stolen images for portfolio!

That's freakin' hilarious! There's nothing like some good media coverage to get your name out to the public, is there?

Jayde hould write a book: "How to put yourself out of business before you even get started"

This sure isn't the first case of it's type.... We had someone post here a year or two ago that one of their images had been stolen and submitted to a photo contest... and won something.

You have to be some kind of especially clueless idiot to mis-represent someone else's work as your own and somehow think that's an okay thing to do.

Apparently there is actually no person named "Jayde Madison", either. The photographer's name is Beth something. Hmmm, identity theft, too?

Website seems to be gone... But of course, they're still on Facebook.... and even fraud charges can't stop Craigslist!

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