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Default Re: Fraud "photography" caught using stolen images for portfolio!

Originally Posted by RDKirk View Post
We teach our kids to do this nowawadays. They cut and paste off the web for their high school and college papers, presenting other people's work as their own--and it's become a tacitly acceptable practice. There is no concept of anything about it being wrong. "It's just to get my foot in the door...the work I'll do for my employer will be my work."
Sorry but MY family is excluded there.. All papers must be accompanied by source locations, etc..... we stress this heavily to our kids that it is not their work .... also anything they do MUST be written in their words... if it is taken from the book, web, they must redo it ... (he is 10...and gets A's and some B's)..... My wife and I are striving for his success
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