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Default Re: Fraud "photography" caught using stolen images for portfolio!

Originally Posted by TeleFragger View Post
Sorry but MY family is excluded there.. All papers must be accompanied by source locations, etc..... we stress this heavily to our kids that it is not their work .... also anything they do MUST be written in their words... if it is taken from the book, web, they must redo it ... (he is 10...and gets A's and some B's)..... My wife and I are striving for his success
I was thinking the same, all the way through school I've been taught how to show sources properly. One of the biggest things taught was "It's better to quote (in context) and show that you understand it, than to copy and change the quote to pass it off as your own".

I've got used to people ripping off images I've taken. This happens on a highly regular basis when it comes to retail. You just call them up nicely and ask them to remove it within 24 hours or you'll sue them for the value of each order they've had with that product. Since they can't prove how long they've had that picture legally you could take all sales from when the picture was taken and out online. Fun times.

I think it's extremely sad that people have to rip off other peoples work instead of learning how to do it them selves.
.... blames the idealistic society we live in, a society that demands perfection however, the concept of perfection is fundamentally flawed. Once perfection is reached it is no longer perfect, since a new standard is created based on an "improved vision" of the original perfection. This creates a infinite cycle which inevitably leaves to disappointment.
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