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Default Re: Canon 5D Mark II Vs. Canon 7D Vs. Fujifilm X100 - 100% Crops.

Originally Posted by jwcdds View Post
Interesting indeed. First off. Thank you. A very gracious thank you for going through the trouble of doing this. Secondly, I think you mislabeled the image. I gather the right-most image is the 7D/24L/f4. You mislabeled it as the 5D2.
You are most welcome. It took me about an hour and a half to complete testing, cropping, compiling and posting. Phew! Thank you for pointing out that I've mislabeled one of the images - that has now been corrected.

Originally Posted by jwcdds View Post
Since I have no qualitative way to measure ISO level, I can't comment on whether it's actually better or worse. My eyes see more of the lightstand in the cropped image due to the 12mp resolution, so my mind tells me there's more contrast (but I also wonder what my mind would think if the 5d2/7d images were downsized to the 12mp resolution, or the x100 uprez'd).
That's a possible request that can happen. Since I can't really make NEW pixels, I will downrez the other files. That'll have to wait though, I have to study for my finals (it'll end on the 8th of April)

Originally Posted by jwcdds View Post
You do point out an interesting thing happening, with regards to the closet rack disappearing at iso6400. I suspect the Fuji has additional contrast/sharpening at work here. Since my understanding is that the 5D2 is pretty darn sharp at the pixel-level, yet it looks terribly soft (as the 7D) compared to X100 image. It's either that or both the 35L and 24L are inferior to the lens on the Fuji (which is a possibility).
It is rather interesting. The high resolution sensors on both the 5D and the 7D push the 24L and the 35L to it's maximum resolving potential.

Originally Posted by ICBuyer View Post
well, the focus on the right most image is off.
As for the focusing, I HAD to make sure that I was focusing properly. I let the camera focus itself and then adjusted using live-view at 10X. I switched the lens to MF mode, and left it at that as I kept pushing the iso and the shutter to keep the focus consistent.

I evaluated the DOF using the DOF calculator. The subject was 1.5 m away. The 7D was set with a 24mm FL and a f/4.0 Aperture.

Depth of field
Near limit 1.26 m
Far limit 1.86 m
Total 0.61 m

In front of subject 0.24 m (40%)
Behind subject 0.36 m (60%)

Hyperfocal distance 7.6 m

So I am pretty sure that I am fine in this aspect.
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