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Default Re: It's Already 2am: 11th Edition... Nodding off at the PC is Dangerous!!

Hey jd did you see im shooting raw this whole week and on the 11 hour airplane ride i made The Raw Club rules And they are as follows

First and for most this is meant to be a joke so donít take this all serious

Before you read please be aware that you may find spelling errors and grammer problems. Please donít take you time to tell me cause I donít care.

The Official RAW Club

After a big decision of making the JPEG club I have made a executive decision to join the fan boys and find what RAW has to offer over JPEG. Why do we choose to shoot RAW? Cause we can control the look and feel of the photo instead of having the camera make adjustments for us. There are two rules as to being apart of the RAW club and they are as follows.
1. You shoot RAW when you are holding a camera no exceptions but ONE!!
2. The only exception is shooting sports or wildlife, as you need a faster and longer burst rate.
a. If you are caught using JPEG in a photo other then wildlife or sports you will be put to the wall of shame and be known as what I have been called- JPEG (insert name here)
1) Assuming Julian (jdizzle) was caught using JPEG in a photo of his cute baby not only would be known as JEPG Julian but his baby would be disappointed in him as long as he is living!!!
2) Assuming Rick (Zerimar) was caught using JPEG in one of his amazing portraits. He would be known as JPEG Rick and forever be able to sleep in his house again and would be only allowed to sleep on his futon in his work!!
3) Assuming Omar (vipergts831) would be caught using a JPEG in one of his bike photography trips photos he would be known as JPEG Omar and his bike would be banned from every road for the rest of his life
Get the point!!!! This goes for the rest of you to!!!!

List of confirmed RAW shooters sorted by join date.
1. Jake Fricks (Fricks) Founder of The Official Raw Club
2. Rick Rose (Zerimar)
3. Shane Hunter (ShaneHunter)
4. (KenjiS)
5. Justin (Jpepus)
6. Will (themadman)

List of banned and never to be accepted again (maybe)
1) Who wants to be the First?

If you would like to join send a PM with your first and last name I will add you to the list and you will be in heaven . Just remember if you get caught you will be added to the list so as you send a request to join remember its like signing a contract so you have been warned!!

Let the RAW Club Begin

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