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Default Re: Got a Nikon? Share your thoughts and photos here or ask a question! (II)

Originally Posted by monk3y View Post
But appreciating your camera's capabilities is more fun than criticizing its flaws... So I usually just shut up and use it more hehe after all We all know everything is a compromise

I have been pretty happy with my gear... I haven't even tried doing Micro adjust on any of my lenses... Basically coz I don't know how that's maybe why I don't have any focus/sharpness issues too hehe

I am doing this as a hobby though unlike some of you... So I try to enjoy it as much as I can with the gear I have
Great post. Go Pinoy!

Im leaving Nikon for now *sighs* I'm going to miss my D700 but damn Nikon's prime glasses are hella expensive. For example, Canon's 35L can be had for $1200, Nikon's 35 1.4G is right around $1500-$1700. 135L can be had for as low as $800+, Nikons 135 DC's lowest price is at $1100, Nikon 24 1.4 is near $2000, Canon's 24L II is priced at $1400.00 Nikon makes the best bodies IMO but damn their glass is just too much for some hobbyists like me and Monk3y.
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