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Default Re: How to copy to external drive in real time

I'm not aware of a program that will do what you're wanting. If your drives were SCSI drives, you could configure them in a mirror RAID setup which copies the same data to both drives.

I have mine setup with a 1TB main drive and a 2TB secondary drive and a 2TB USB drive. I do a manual backup to the USB drive on a semi-weekly basis but I mainly use Carbonite as my backup service. It's completely seamless, runs in the background and backs up all my data off site. I figure any form of storage at home is subject to permanent loss of data in the event of theft or fire but off site storage is completely recoverable. As a side benefit, I can access all my backed up data from my iPhone through the free Carbonite app at any time. It's a nice feature since I don't have to actually store my pics on my phone taking up space. You can access your data from any PC with a net connection. Price is very reasonable as well and there is no data limitation unlike with Mozy which limits the amount of data you can store.
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