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Default Re: Is the new lytro camera a gimmick?

I don't want to make predictions about the Lytro specifically, but it's technology fits perfectly within media theories regarding digital imaging. The switch from film to sensor was a change from visual space to an acoustic space medium. This is an abstract concept, but it means that the destiny of the digital medium is not going to be tied to sequences or actual light itself. Focusing a camera lens is part of a mechanical sequence left over from film photography and digital will seek to overcome it. The Lytro technology has just eliminated the sequence which fits perfectly within the framework of an acoustic space medium. Bottom line: media theory was able to predict the Lytro camera technology before it even existed so this means it is probably relevant even if nobody knows exactly how relevant yet.

There will probably always be a use or want for mechanical lenses so Canon lenses should be valuable for a long time to come. However, the future of digital imaging will not be tied to mechanical sequences like lenses. Again, this is an abstract concept, but if media theories are correct then digital will eventually create images without using any light at all. It should eventually be possible to create images from acoustic space similar to how ships navigate by sonar.

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