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Default -=THE COLORS GAME (3)=-

( From Colors #1)
Here are some rules I have thought up:

~We will post shots where either the dominant color in the photo (i.e. a red bird's face filling up the entire frame) or a color that stands out in the photo (ex. a red bird against a white sky) is the color that we are currently on.

~We will move through the rainbow in the basic colors: Red, then Orange, then Yellow, then Green, then Blue, Purple, and back to Red.

~You do not have to post only the basic color (like royal blue or lemon yellow), but if you do post an in between color, something like maroon, make sure it is posted after purple and before red. I hope this is not too confusing.

~I would like to see all shades and hues of each color, just try to make it so if someone posts a bright red apple, then an orange traffic cone, then an orange-yellow object, don't post a red-orange flower. Post either another orange-yellow picture or move to yellow. Just try to keep it moving through the rainbow.

~No skipping colors. It is not necessary at all to post a transition color between two others (ex. maroon in between purple and red). You can just post a red one after a purple one. You cannot, however, post a bright orange picture after a purple one.

~It's okay to have two or more of the same color. If the picture that is posted moves towards the next color, try not to revert back to the basic color.

~We're moving from red to purple, not the other direction.

Lastly, I'm not going to sit here and approve every post or be super strict. Go for it. Have fun!
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