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Default Re: Got a Nikon? Share your thoughts and photos here or ask a question! (II)

Originally Posted by tim View Post
- Each system has a slightly different look, so images might be inconsistent
- The different systems have completely different controls, switching between them would be a pain in the butt. Your muscle memory would suffer.
- I have two Nikon and two Canon speedlites, just because when I switched I didn't sell the old ones. Both work. Nikons flash exposure system seems more automated and consistent. I only use Canon flashes off camera these days.
- After my experiences with 3rd party brands it would take a heck of a lot to get my to buy a third party lens. I will probably always buy the same brand lenses as the camera.

I would stay with one system.
and after looking at the current Nikon system... I don't see a good reason to go back to Canon at all.

I am not good enough to benefit from any minute changes I might get from switching systems and I also don't care enough about the newer cameras and stuff plus I am pretty impressed with Nikon's current lens lineup
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