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Default Re: suggest an inexpensive way for underwater photography

Originally Posted by ssim View Post
I have the Canon D10 and it works well. I've gad the case for my G seriies cameras and they do work well but it is sometimes hard to see the LCD through the case. The D10 does not have the same problem. It works great for an above ground point and shoot. I spend a few months each winter in Hawaii and do a lot of snorkeling and diving. It is good to about 50 ft if memory serves me correctly.

I've also used the Nikon AW100 and it does an equally good job.
I have to say, I doubt that I would take something only good to 50 feet unless the bottom was no deeper than that at the particular dive site. If the bottom is deeper than that, it's almost guaranteed that you will go deeper. I'm a good diver (PADI Divemaster certified - 1000+ dives), but on almost any dive there is going to be something to attract my attention deeper than 50 feet if it's possible to go deeper. Especially on a wall dive, it's almost impossible to stay above 50 feet unless you are watching your depth at all times. Wall dives are fabulous, but there is always something just a little bit deeper enticing you to check it out. (I'm not saying that I ignore depth on a wall dive - quite the contrary, I pay very close attention on a dive where there is no bottom - just that 50 feet is nothing on such a dive)

I used the Nikonos V with strobe at more than 100 feet, and I've had my housed A720IS that deep too, even though I didn't shoot much down there with it, since the flash isn't much good for more than about 2-3 feet underwater. The housing for my A720 still costs the same as it did when I bought it 4 years ago, $299 from Canon. Don't know if the one for the G10 is more, but I can tell you that they are good housings. I took the camera on about a dozen dives in the Philippines, and a few others since then, as well as used it for snorkeling and in rainy weather. Still going strong. If you plan on keeping the G10 that might be a good investment for you.

This orangutan crab was taken in the Philippines with the A720 and housing:


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