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Default Re: Got a Nikon? Share your thoughts and photos here or ask a question! (II)

Originally Posted by nicksan View Post
Low light sensitivity: 1D4 = -1EV 1DX, D4, D800 = -2 EV.

So yeah, it'd be a downgrade. I'll never get a camera that has the same AF system as the 1D4. NEVER and if Canon ever does something stupid like that, then yeah, welcome back Nick indeed.
haha... you know you want to

the Nikon offering is Solid... while Canon's offering seems a bit uncertain. the question is will you really gain much if you switch again?

I know I won't gain much if I buy the I might pass on it or wait for good deals if I can't resist it hehe

Originally Posted by dgrPhotos View Post
Found a 24/1.4 in LN- condition for the same price as the 17-35/2.8 new. Since I'm not in a hurry I think I will just wait for a deal I can't refuse.
that's so damn awesome

you guys are lucky with deals there for sure hehe
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